Hi! My name is Danny Lesh. I am passionate about social justice, and I have skills and deep experience to help strategic organizing campaigns make the best decisions to win. I have more than a decade of leadership success at one of America’s most active and powerful labor unions.

To discuss your organizing needs or how I might help, please contact me from the Submissions page or email me directly.

Condensed Experience:

Organizing Data Manager – Designed and implemented a comprehensive strategy to support the union’s external organizing work. Team building, staff development, major event operations, GOTV, campaign analytics, data administration, vendor relations.

Research Coordinator – Opposition research, Market-Industry research for long-term campaign strategy, municipal-level regulatory procedure research, and stakeholder empowerment.

Politics – Helped lead 1000-person+ GOTV Operations in battleground states in 2004, 2008 and 2016; and provided daily technical and tactical support on a national bus tour in 2012.

Organizational Equity – Leveraging data to inform an organization-wide effort to identify, understand, and resist institutional racism, sexism, and homophobia, and to lift up staff historically impacted by such structures.


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